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Butt implant surgery

Types of anesthesia

Gluteal augmentation is realized under general anesthesia, so you will not have any problems during the intervention.

The surgery

The method for inserting and placing the butt implant depends on your anatomy and the surgeon’s recommendations. The incision will be made on the intergluteal folding. The choice is made with the aim that the incision does not any visible scars as posible.

Throug the incisiĆ³n the palstic surgeon creates a pocket, wheteher behind the major buttock face or the intramuscular one. The buttock implant is centered upon the butt. Drainage tubes are left during some days after surgery.

The procedure takes takes from 1 to 2 hours. The injury is closed with a buried suture, and then the zone is covered with external applications during 2 or 3 days to have a correct cicatrisation.

After the butt implant surgery

You will feel tired and annoyed for some days after the surgery, but you will be able to do your normal activities after 1 or two days. Most of the discomforts will be treated with medication. In 2 or 3 days the bandages and drainages will be removed and you will have to use a girdle. The weird skin sensations and the swelling will diminish in 2 weeks.
The sutures will be removed in 2 weeks, but the buttocks will take more weeks in recover their normal appearance.

Back to normality

Yopu must eb capable of going back to work just a few days after the butt surgery, depending of course on the activity kevel your work demands.

You buttocks will be more sensitive to directs timulation in 2 or 3 weeks, so you must try to avoid physical contact. Progressively they will return to their normal condition.
Scars will be hard and redish for at least 6 weeks; though, the hard feeling may last some months.

Your new look

Patients who have had buttock implants surgery improve their appearance and self-esteem by having more confidence in their bodies. The decision of having a gluteal augmentation surgery is very personal and some people may noy understand it. The important thing is that you feel confortable with yourself. If you achieve your objectives and expectations the surgery will be a success.


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