Thursday, February 12

Artefill, the new Botox

Are Botox days finally coming to an end?

As we are already sued to, new technologies step to the plate everyday and it has been since doctors have been looking for a better and less side-effects solution than Botox injections.

The biggest side back of Botox is that it can not last forever, after a couple of months, wrinkles show up again and so you have to your doctor's office. Damn, that is so much time and money expensive.

Actually, Artefill, also knwon as Artecoll, is not really that new. It was developed in France in 1993, and unlike Botox, it can get rid of wrinkles forever. It is already being used in the States, Canada, Europe, Argentina and Mexico.

At first, Artefill was used as bone implants, dental surgery, contact lenses manufacturing, but form ten years ago it was discovered it could be used to eliminate facial wrinkles.

How come it is not popular at Botox?

The answer is that Artefill presents more risks than Botox treatment. Artefill injections are harder to apply, so there is more likely for failure that on the contrary of Botox, can be forever. That is why Botox is still the big shot and still growing in the cosmetic industry.

Monday, February 9

Breast implants do not cause breast cancer

Women with breast implants do not have any more risk of developing breast cancer, indicates a new study held in Denmark (International Journal of Cancer) that helps debunk this long time myth. 

I remember hearing some friends were dubious about getting a boob job because they were afraid they might develop breast cancer in the long run. 

However, medical research shows us there is no higher risk of cancer because of implants. On the contrary, it seems that women with breast enhancement have a bit less risk than women with natural breast. Who would have guessed, huh?

Why women with boob implants have less cancer risk?

Most women that undergo breast augmentation surgery are usually thin and have children at a younger age, two key factors that decrease cancerous tumors.

Unexpectedly, women with operated breasts present a higher rate of lung cancer. This could be explained by a higher rate of smoking. 

Saturday, January 3

Medical tourism in Colombia

Dentists and ophthalmologists are giving Colombia a good name nowadays, helping this way to change the international image of the country and appealing medical tourist from all over the world.

But besides ophthalmologic and dental treatments, Colombian surgeons are well-known in Latin America for their talent in breast and butt augmentations, liposuctions and other plastic surgery treatments.

Bogota, Medellin and Cali are the leading cities in offering this kind of services. Most foreigners come through medical tour agencies that offer them all-in packages, but doctors themselves promote their services through their bilingual websites.

Tip: If you choose Bogota as your medical tourism destination, since the city is at 8530 feet and if you are undergoing a major surgery, you have to take some days in advance to get used to heights, especially if you come from countries near the sea.

Beware of the “garage surgeries” or improvised medical centers that out with no medical accreditation. Though they offer very appealing low costs, they represent a high risk for patients.

Friday, January 2

Medical tourism in Argentina

Imagine getting a nose job or liposuction and visit the world famous Iguazu Falls. Priceless? Well not at all. Staying around 10 days in this beautiful South American country will cost you between 2000 and 3500 dollars. Not bad at all, huh?

Argentina along with Brazil is one of the hottest Latin American plastic surgery paradises for the high professional quality of its surgeons, the high medical technology, the first class infrastructure of hospital and clinics and of course, the low price this costs.

The most sough after surgeries in Argentina are liposuctions, breast implants, nose jobs and ear jobs (the latter are very requested by men). Dental treatments and fertility treatments are very popular as well.

Among the most important cosmetic surgery clinic in Argentina are Plenitas, Plástica y belleza, Arples, Modelart and Medicaltrip that work with medical tourism companies that offer you special packages for surgery and vacations.

Thursday, January 1

Medical tourism in growing spiral

We all know that plastic surgery in the US costs big bucks and due to the present crisis they try to make the most of it. Plastic surgeons and doctors that look after health, but they are commercial business person as well.

Due to this, more Americans are seeking for beauty in other latitudes, more affordable ones, but still good as home country as Asia and Latin America. And furthermore, they can enjoy a great time visiting the touristy attractions.

On top of the high costs of plastic surgery in the US, the number of Americans with no medical insurance or one that is not enough keeps on growing.

However, before taking on this adventure patients should carefully check on the clinic’s or hospital’s accreditation and consider the nature of the procedure. And moreover, try to separate vacations from the surgery: do not let impressed by the enticing tour packages!

For further information, check on the Joint Commission International, the international branch of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) that gives accreditation to hospitals and other medical centers in the US.

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