Wednesday, January 17

Facial Dermabrasion

What is it?

Dermabrasion is a procedure similar to chemical exfoliation that eliminates fine wrinkles and reduces at minim scars.

What is the difference between dermabrasion and chemical exfoliation?

The difference between them is the method used. Dermabrasion consists on the elimination of the superior layer of skin using a high-speed turning brush; this procedure is realized by a plastic surgeon only.

The size and depth of scars and wrinkles determine the thickness of the skin that will be taken out by surgery.

Possible dermabrasion complications

Fever blisters

Dermabrasion can provoke the reappearance of blisters on those people who are prone to frequent Herpes simplex infections. It is often used antivirus medication to treat this symptom.

Pigmentation changes

Some people may develop a pigmentation change after this procedure. The treatment of this symptom may include the use of bleaching creams prescribed by the plastic surgeon.
Pigmentation diminishing may be permanent.

Thicker skin

Skin may get thicker. This symptom can be treated with cortisone creams or injections that help skin get back to it normal condition.


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