Monday, December 29

Bioplasty, plastic surgery with no cuts

If you have ever watched the cosmetic surgery reality Dr. 90210 you know you will see two kinds of unpleasant images: the deep cuts in the surgery room and the scars and bruises after surgery.

But hopefully, we will get less of that thanks to Bioplasty, a new plastic surgery technique that doesn’t require making any cuts and can be applied on both face and body. Since no cuts are made, small doses of local anesthesia are required you can get back to your life right after the procedure.

This technique is mostly used to get rid of wrinkles and improving facial features. Bioplasty works great for sharpening and turning up the nose, redefining the jaw’s contour, adding more volume to the lips, enhancing or lifting the buttocks, thickening legs and embellishing hands.

Works as a shapeable prosthesis in the way we desire. It is not reabsorbed by the body, it does now move to other parts of the body. It is hypoallergenic. Many parts of the body can be treated in one session.

The most interesting thing about Bioplasty is that it is interactive, which means you stay awake during the procedure and you can look at it in a mirror so you can discuss with the surgeon about what he is doing in your body.

And, this is the coolest part: you can have a surgery test consisting of getting injected a reabsorbable substance that allows you seeing the results beforehand.


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