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Breast Self-Examination

By means of this online breast self examination (BSE) you will be able to find out if they are any noticeable changes in the appearance and condition of your breasts:

Who should get a breast test?

Any woman.
Remember: Breast cancer risk increases with age.

When and why y should get my breasts tested?

One a month, preferably alter menstruation. If you don’t menstruate anymore, choose one day of the month to get your BSE. It must be done regularly and carefully.

First step: Examine your breasts

Stand up in front of a mirror with your chest naked.
Observe carefully how your breasts look normally, so you will be able notice possible changes on them.

Extend your arms upwards, then put your hands on your waist and make pressure with your chest’s muscles and finally place your hands on your head. Notice if there are nay protuberances or tumors. You must compare your breasts outline looking for.

Changes in size and shape
Any lump or organge-like changes of the skin
Any different characteristic on your areolas

Step 2: Feel your breasts

You will find easier to examine your breasts when taking a shower. Also you can examine them lying in bed with a pillow under your shoulders. Place one hand behind your head and with the other one touch the breast of the opposite side with all the surface of your fingers to feel every part of the breast. Realize circular movements on the skin of the area you are touching.

Cover the total area of your breast with circular movements on the areola.
Examine the armpits area
Examine both breasts

Keep in mind
  • Not all the changes on your breast are cancer. If you discover any tumor on your breast, consult your specialist as soon as possible.
  • Visit your doctor at least once a year for a detailed BSE.
  • A breast self examination realized regularly may help to diagnose breast cancer that sometimes a mammography can not reveal. Besides, in this way you can detect cancer earlier and get treatment on time.


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