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Lip augmentation with collagen injections

Specialists agree in affirming that the most demanded surgery is the last three years is definitely lips thickening. On this post we will present you all the alternatives, benefits, risk and quotes before making the decision of undergoing this procedure.

Lips augmentation, along with breasts augmentation seems to be going against the esthetic trend of extreme thinness as the supreme goal. Therefore, the requirement of many women nowadays is “everything slim, except breast and lips”.

As many experts state, the popularity of this surgical intervention has esthetic as practical sides. On one side, there is the search of many women for sticking to a style that is gaining big ground, which has as its maximum exponents such hot celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kim Bassinger and Spanish model Esther CaƱadas; and on the other hand, the simplicity of this procedure does not require many hours and is not necessarily definite.

Effectively, most lip surgeries are made with “fillers” of 5 mm3 (there are cases of 20 mm3 of stretching) of hyaluronic acid collagen, which is easily absorbed over time (in seven months you can notice no trace of the lip job), thus there will no risk of any disturbances after the procedure, which will allow you, if you are not totally satisfied with the results, to wait some time go back to your former state.

In case you agree with your new lips but want a “little improvement”, you may join to the increasing demand of women who have incorporated to her manicure, pedicure and hair style routine, getting collagen injection every six or seven months, after the previous payment of $500 to $700 approximately.
The dangerous alternative of permanent surgery

Some women prefer permanent cosmetic surgery with fillers (in the same quantity as the above mentioned) of silicon or bioplastic, which are much less expensive -the material is very cheap so this makes the procedure cost five times less-; there wont’ be necessary more interventions; and there are also more practice since they don’t require anymore “maintenance”.

However, most responsible specialists advise not to get implanted anything “permanent”, since that could be damaging for your body, and in case you don’t like it would be very difficult to remove the material. Among the most dangerous case we can mention the liquid silicon, which is only allowed for industrial use, according to U.S. legislation that has forbidden its use several years ago.

This type of surgery is made with soft-tissue fillers extracted form the patient’s body or the popular collagen. But none of these types of procedures assure infallible results: as well as the number of women who want to thicken their lips, there is also an increasing number of women who want to correct the negative results of bad plastic surgery like deformations and granulations. To avoid this possible situation is fundamental to get the operation done by a reliable professional.

Finding a responsible professional

How you can know that the plastic surgeon you are attending will give a good plastic surgery service with positive esthetic results and safety for your health?

First of all, he/she should be registered at a well-known plastic surgery professional association. Then, you should discuss with him/her the reason you want to get the operation for. If your reason are not realistic, an ethic professional will point them out and will persuade you no to get operated.

If the operation is approved, the doctor must recommend you to get an allergy test on your forearm or behind your ears, to prove your system does not reject nor produce any adverse reaction to the elements to be applied.

Finally, before the operation, the doctor must show by own initiative of after your request the syringes he/she will use –which should be preloaded, closed and sealed- just to be used at the moment of the surgery. If they have been reloaded do not doubt in canceling the intervention.

Type of lip fillers

There are three types of absorbing fillers: collagen, soft-tissue, hyaluronic acid and non-absorbing fillings.

Collagen: this is a natural protein of the dermis; it can be increased with bovine collagen, which comes in syringes ready to be applied. The procedure lasts from 20 minutes to one hour, and once the collagen is absorbed by you body it will remain firm for a period of six months to one year.

Soft-tissue: This is used for those patients whose bodies have rejected the collagen. It’s tissue from certain parts of your own body. However this procedure is executed after a previous surgery on other part of your body i.e. abdomen and hips, and many times it is reabsorbed, so the surgeon has to do other operations. Besides, the application of fat tissue may produce lip waving.

Hyaluronic Acid is extracted form birds, and unlike bovine collagen it does not produce allergies. Its application does not demand more than 30 minutes and lasts almost one year, but it’s the most expensive.

Non-absorbing filling: these are the less recommended, but they are allowed. Among them we have the expanded politetrafluoretilene and the artecoll. The first one is a synthetic fiber used to make shy clothes too. Its application takes form 30 minutes to one hour. The volume will stay permanently, unless you want to remove it with another operation. These fibers might come out by themselves, which will make you undergo an urgent surgery again.
The second element is a synthetic polymer of polymethylmethacrylate and collagen that is applied though injections during half an hour. The volume will stay forever, unless your system rejects the material and there will be infections of hard looms that will make you go to the plastic surgeon again.


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