Friday, August 18

Designer Laser Vaginoplasty (DLV™):

It’s the esthetic improvement by surgical means, of the vaginal structures: minor lips (labia minora), major lips (labia majora), mount of Venus, external orifice, perineum and hymen; with laser rays.

The most common DLV™ procedures are: Laser reductive liplasty: With this procedure we can model the minor lisps (inner) that are too long or have unequal length.

Lip augmentation : The major lips may get a younger appearance by transplanting fat from the own patient (obtained through a lipoesculpture) to the major lips.
Laser perineuplasty: Rejuvenates the loose, wrinkled or aged perineum, eliminates birth scars, warts, dark areas, perineum and lip and perineum deformations.

Vulvar lipoplasty: It consists on taking out fat from the mount of Venus and the upper parts of the major lips. Lipoesculpture can get rid of those annoying fat accumulation on that area and produce a very attractive contour.

Hymenoplasty (hymen repair): With this procedure hymen can be repaired and stay like nothing had happened.

Mix of DLV™ and laser vaginal rejuvenation: Both procedures can be realized together, and along with other plastic surgery procedures as well.


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