Tuesday, August 15

After the vaginoplasty

This surgery does not require more bandages than a simple one over the vulva. When coming out of the operating room, the patient will have a bandage of synthetic material inside her vagina, destined to keep its shape during the cicatrisation process. This bandage will be covered with a soft and flexible waterproof layer to avoid discomfort. The patient will have it 24 hours a day during the first week, and just use it for sleeping during two more weeks.

The stitches are not removed since they use a reabsorbing thread. It’s possible there will appear some wounds on the areas closet o the vagina, that will be descending along the thighs, but will fade away a couple of days later.
Scars stay hidden inside the vagina and are imperceptible at contact. The cicatrisation characteristics of the vaginal tissues are particularly good.
For recovering you will have to rest from 24 to 48 hours during which you can walk around. From the 21st day you can have sex with penetration again. In hands of a qualified practitioner is very unlikely that a vaginal rejuvenation present any complication. Nevertheless, any surgical procedure, even the smallest one, presents risks and we should think about them as a possibility.

Adverse reactions to anesthesia

Infections, really rare if you take the right antibiotics.Big hematomes that may need draining.Seromes or liquid accumulation under the skin. In some cases they must be drained with a syringe. If your vaginal looseness was due to births and if you give birth after the vaginoplasty, it’s probably you will loose some of the benefits obtained. That’s why vaginal rejuvenation surgery is recommendable when you think you won’t have any more children. In despite of this awareness, many women have gotten pregnant without any problem time after this type of surgery, and some of them have eventually decided to undergo a second one.


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