Sunday, September 17

Blepharoplasty complications. Part II

Numbness: Some patients may complaint in the postoperative of numbness between the incision on the eyelid crinkle and the eyelid0’s border. There is no treatment for this, though it takes some months to disappear.

Hemorrhage: A considerable hemorrhage after eyelid surgery is unlikely frequent, since most post blepharoplasty hemorrhages affect the lower lip.

Blindness: The most devastating complications of an eyelid operation for the physical and psychological consequences for the patients, and the doctor as well. The most frequents cases are inner eye ball hemorrhage due to optic verve ischemia (local anemia) and occlusion of the retina’s central artery.

Other less probable causes of sight loss are unnoticed perforation of the eyeball, a serious postoperative infection or the penetration of a unipolar cautery (instrument or substance used to destroy tissues for medical reasons) in the eye’s apex.


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