Sunday, September 10

Retraction and lagophtalmos (the eye can not close completely)

The first cause of eyelid lagophtalmos and retraction in the postoperative is the excessive extirpation of skin and muscle around the eye and the frontal film. The shortening of the frontal film, can cause serious postoperative complications. The inclusion of orbital septum (eyelid ligament) in the surgical closing is the most common cause that affects the frontal film. It generally presents with the eyelid in normal position in the primary position of the look, but there is a retraction of look downwards, making impossible to close the eyes. The tissue of the frontal film is more loose than tight.

The doctor has to make a in a way a quick shortening of the frontal film, thus it doesn’t allow the secondary contraction of the frontal film. The surgical treatment includes a gap incision, cutaneous scars and the sept separation of the previous eyelid incision. The eyelid skin of the upper and lower part is lifted up and the injury is closed with sutures, making a new eyelid gap. Finished the eyelid fixing they use Frost sutures to avoid sticking things in the orbital edges. It’s recommended to give yourself a good postoperative massage a week after the surgery.


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