Wednesday, November 29

Cosmetic chin surgery: Part I

Chin cosmetic surgery or mentoplasty is one of the most common procedures of plastic surgery. This treatment can improve one of the most important features of your face, which is the ending of the jaw.

This can make your few defined chin increase until getting an appearance that brings up your personality; or on the contrary, if you have a prominent chin, this procedure will reduce it, smoothing your features. Likewise, it can correct facial asymmetries through a very simple procedure.

Who is the best candidate for a chin surgery?
The best candidates for a mentoplasty are those who want to improve their appearance, but not perfection it. This procedure not necessarily will change your appearance, but it will discretely make it look better. If you are in good health condition, psychologically stable and realistic in your cosmetic expectation, then you can be a good candidate.

Age is an important consideration. Most surgeons prefer not to operate teenagers between 13 to 15 years old until they have finished their growing process, which in girls is earlier than in boys. It is also important to consider the process of social and emotional adjustment of a young person, and that this decision is something he/she wishes for himself/herself and not his/her parents.

When the operation is done by a qualified plastic surgeon, it is infrequent the incidence of complications. However, there is always the possibility of complications as infections, hemorrhage or a reaction towards anesthesia. You can reduce any risk if you strictly follow the advice of your surgeon during the pre and postoperative. Regarding to cicatrisation, when the incision is realized through the interior part of the mouth, there is no type of visible cicatrisation. In other cases, when prosthesis is going to be introduced, the incision is external, though the scar is almost unnoticeable.


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