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Cosmetic chin surgery: Part II

Planning your mentoplasty

It is essential having a good communication with your surgeon, during the initial consult; the surgeon will ask which appearance you will like to have; he/she will evaluate the structure of your chin and jaw; and will discuss with you the options you have, the factors that can influence the procedure such as: face bones, shape of your chin, skin thickness, you age and expectations; and the final results.

Your surgeon will explain to you the techniques and anesthesia he/she will use, the type of installation where the surgery will be held, the risks and costs involved and any available option. Most health insurance do not cover merely cosmetic procedures; however, fit he procedure is realized with reconstructive purposes to correct the deformity caused by an injury, it si probable that this procedure will do be covered. Verify with your insurance company and obtain a pre authorization for your surgery.

Make sure to tell your surgeon if you have previously has a surgery on the chin, even it has been years ago. You will also inform about any allergy; if you are taking medication, vitamins or drugs; and if your smoke.

Chin surgery preparation

Your surgeon will give specific instructions on how to get prepared for the surgery that include suggestions of what to eat and drink; about smoking; about which medication and vitamins you should take or avoid; and about your face washing. If you carefully follow these instructions, you will make your surgery turning out efficiently and with no obstacles. When doing the preparations, make sure to have someone to take back home after the surgery and help you some days if you estimate it necessary.

Where the chin operation takes place?

Cosmetic plastic surgeries are realized in a clinic or hospital center. Generally this type of surgery does not require staying at a hospital for the cases of prosthesis placement; on the contrary, for the procedures that will consist of chin bone modification, it will require that you stay in the hospital for a while.

Types of anesthesia

Mentoplasty can be realized with local or general anesthesia depending on the level of the procedure and what you and your surgeon prefer.

With local anesthesia you will be slightly sedated, with the chin stiff as well as the surrounding areas. You will be awake during the surgery, but you will be realized an insensitive to pain. With general anesthesia you sleep in through the operation.


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