Saturday, December 9

Cosmetic chin surgery: Part IV

Back to normal life

Most patients of a mentoplasty surgery can do their normal activities in one or two days, going back to work or school after a week more or less. However, for you need more weeks for a total recovering.

Your surgeon will give you more specific instructions about how to continue with your regular activities. It is common that your surgeon will include these suggestions:

- Avoid doing hard work: running, swimming, jogging, bending, and having sex or any other activity that increases your blood pressure, for at least 2 to 3 weeks.
- Avoid hitting or rubbing your chin or taking sun baths for eight weeks.
- Have special care when washing your face and hair and when applying makeup.
- You may use contact lenses or glasses if you want.

Your surgeon will schedule frequent visits of following in the following months to check on the cicatrisation process. If you present any abnormal symptom do not hesitate in asking your doctor.


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