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Cosmetic chin surgery: Part III

The chin surgery

Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be done in two ways: the first and simplest one is the placement of prosthesis of synthetic material as silicon, goretex, etc. the second way is the modification of the bone structure through a little osteotomy (surgical sectioning of bone). This procedure does not need prosthesis, just a little plaque of titanium to stabilize temporarily the bone modification.

Generally, mentoplasty takes more or less one tour, but the more complicated procedures can last longer. During surgery, a space is opened in the chin to put the prosthetic device or the shape of the chin is mechanically modified. The final result will depend on your face structure, since the chin is just one of the parts that conform the appearance of your face. Finally, the surgeon gives some stitches inside the mouth in the case of bone modification, or beneath the chin for prosthesis to close the little incision.

After the surgery

After the first 24 hours your face may feel a little swollen, probably your cheeks will ache and you may have a headache. Your surgeon can prescribe you a medication for the pain and control any discomfort. Stay in bed with your head elevated for the first day.

You will notice that first increases the inflammation in that area, reaching its maximum after two or three days. You can ease this inflammation by applying cold compresses, will make you feel better. Most part of the inflammation or coagulation should disappear in about two weeks. (Nevertheless, a slight inflammation will remain for some months, but only noticeable for you and your surgeon).

It is common that a small hemorrhage happens during the first days after the surgery. Your surgeon will ask you to wash your mouth with an oral antiseptic to avoid infection and let the tissues recover.

By the end of the first week –maximum two- all the stitches must be removed.


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