Sunday, January 28

Chemical Peeling: Medical indications

Acne and associated symptoms

Chemical peelings can be much beneficial to fight acne and similar conditions as pustules, cystic injuries, papules, erythemas, hyper pigmentation and scars.
The effect of chemical peeling with glycolic acid is mainly controlling these conditions after short-time treatments, and can be a complementary treatment for acne. However, cystic injuries and scars require many sessions of glycolic acid peeling.

The action mechanism of peeling with glycolic acid for acne works is due to the effect of exfoliation of pimples. Acne is subsequently prevented through the removal of the obstructive wastes the follicles keep inside. Moreover, exfoliation with acid glycolic can produce a turn-over and the dry of pustules.

Glycolic acid can produce skin effects that can improve superficial scars through a longer treatment.

The pigmentation effect of glycolic acid can also improve the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation caused by acne.

Almost 10 to 20% of acne cases can exacerbate after the first peelings, especially in cases o pimples, papules and pustules. This may be because of the keratin effect of glycolic acid, which accelerates the extraction of deeper pimples. This can be solved after following peeling sessions.


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