Wednesday, January 31

Peeling and Melasma (pregancy mask)

Peeling is becoming very popular for the treatment of melasma – face discoloration during pregnancy or due to the use of oral contraceptives-, freckles, and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Skin whitening replaces the old pigmented dermis with the new one, and covers the surrounding dark skin with the new skin.

Glycolic acid is structurally similar to ascorbic acid and may also have a direct skin bleaching effect.

After the treatment, the patient has to continue using depigmentation agents as hydroquinone, glycolic acid, Kojyc acid, tretinoine, and then having a chemical peeling to keep the bleaching effect of whitening peeling.

Hyper pigmentation around the eyes, also known as “raccoon eyes” in common in Asia. It can be produced by the deposit of melanin in the delicate skin around the eyes. This problem can be solved using TCA at 20% or a continuing treatment of peeling of glycolic acids with depigmentation agents.


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