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Acne rosacea. Rosacea remedies. Part I

Rosacea is a sort of acne in which blood vessels enlarge resulting in a flushed appearance. It happens mostly in women.

The classic medical rosacea treatment involves the use of antibiotics at a initial stage, followed by the application of creams. This treatment haws to be prescribed and supervised by a dermatologist.

The natural rosacea treatment involves the use of a series of herbal plants, supplements or a balanced diet that helps to overcome it and prevent its appearance.


Rosacea phytothepray supposes the use of medicinal plants like:

- Anti-inflammatory plants that reduce or prevent swelling.
- Anti-bacterial plants that prevent infections produced by micro-organisms that take a chance on the skin injuries produced by the disease. These plants suppose an alternative or a complement to conventional treatments.

Among the main plants we have:

- Olive: Round massage applications or olive oil during 3 to 4 minutes with your fingertips on your face can improve rosacea symptoms or delay its appearance.

- Apple vinegar: wash your face before going to bed with a tablespoon of apple vinegar diluted on a glass of water.

- Chamomile: This plant helps reduce the inflammation and cures the possible infections of skin injuries. Washing your face with the infusion of one teaspoon of chamomile flowers in a glass or water (do not cause in case of allergies) Using soaps with extracts of chamomile.

- Cucumber: cucumbers are one of the best skin soothings. Apply cucumber slices over the inflamed areas during five minutes. Creams with cucumber help prevent rosacea effects.

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