Monday, December 31

New Botox like rejuvenation technique - Part II

In the first part of Skin Lifting, the New Botox we talked about the great natural expression looks given by this treatment. Another, great advantage of this new needle-free Botox is the Syn-Ake effect (unlike Botox).

The fist step of Skin Lifting is an intensive treatment at the aesthetics center that consists of 4 sessions.

Your face has to go through cleansing milk, an exfoliating gel, moisturizing cream, a face pack, and a concentrated serum of the Skin Lifting formula. This is reinforced by chromotherapy, a light treatment for facilitating products penetrate in the skin.

The treatment can last from 2 to 3 months, but it does require maintenance. You may opt between taking the serum with you home to apply some drops on your face, or either going to the aesthetics center for once a month for “retouch”.


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