Thursday, November 8

New Botox like rejuvenation technique - Part I

No more scary needles!

Despite that many people frown upon it, it is undeniable that Botox is big favorite choice among rejuvenation techniques. However, the painful needle pinching and the lost of our natural face expression make beauty gurus come with new innovations for those look for fresh younger looks without Botox shots drawbacks.

Skin Lifting, the new rejuvenating miracle

Skin lifting is the name of this new technique that is applied with creams and serums – bye-bye needles! -, and imitates the active principle of temple snake’s poison, an Asian reptile that has made the big breakthrough in the beauty industry.

Skin lifting reduces wrinkles, crow’s feet and expression lines by relaxing face muscles. It has the same effect of Botox, but it allows you to maintain your natural expressions way better than Botox. You may feel certain “heaviness” when lifting your eyebrows, but you will not feel them “frozen” at all.

After the initial treatment, you can keep using it for maintenance.

Please note: This does not mean to underrate Botox effects, which can be quite satisfactory when it is done properly. However, when it is applied wrongly or in excess it can produce strange face expressions, and even cause eyelid paralysis.


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