Thursday, January 1

Medical tourism in growing spiral

We all know that plastic surgery in the US costs big bucks and due to the present crisis they try to make the most of it. Plastic surgeons and doctors that look after health, but they are commercial business person as well.

Due to this, more Americans are seeking for beauty in other latitudes, more affordable ones, but still good as home country as Asia and Latin America. And furthermore, they can enjoy a great time visiting the touristy attractions.

On top of the high costs of plastic surgery in the US, the number of Americans with no medical insurance or one that is not enough keeps on growing.

However, before taking on this adventure patients should carefully check on the clinic’s or hospital’s accreditation and consider the nature of the procedure. And moreover, try to separate vacations from the surgery: do not let impressed by the enticing tour packages!

For further information, check on the Joint Commission International, the international branch of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) that gives accreditation to hospitals and other medical centers in the US.


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