Friday, January 2

Medical tourism in Argentina

Imagine getting a nose job or liposuction and visit the world famous Iguazu Falls. Priceless? Well not at all. Staying around 10 days in this beautiful South American country will cost you between 2000 and 3500 dollars. Not bad at all, huh?

Argentina along with Brazil is one of the hottest Latin American plastic surgery paradises for the high professional quality of its surgeons, the high medical technology, the first class infrastructure of hospital and clinics and of course, the low price this costs.

The most sough after surgeries in Argentina are liposuctions, breast implants, nose jobs and ear jobs (the latter are very requested by men). Dental treatments and fertility treatments are very popular as well.

Among the most important cosmetic surgery clinic in Argentina are Plenitas, Plástica y belleza, Arples, Modelart and Medicaltrip that work with medical tourism companies that offer you special packages for surgery and vacations.


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