Sunday, August 13

Before the vaginoplasty surgery

The ideal date for undergoing a vaginal surgery is immediately after finished your period of the corresponding month. In this way, when the following period takes place, the tissues will be well cicatrized. If the menstrual bleeding would occur before the complete healing of the wounds, it wouldn’t be a serious complication, the surgery could be made anyway, but your discomfort and the risk of having infections would increase.

You do not require any special preparation, so you can continue with your sexual activity until the day before the surgery.

Before the procedure you will have to get realized clinical analysis and a surgical risk evaluation. It’s convenient you ask your surgeon all the questions as possible to clear all your doubts and relief the natural fears any person has before an operation.

Remember: smoking diminishes your body’s oxygenation, and a deficient oxygenation might bring complications after surgery. For instance, a slower cicatrisation, thicker and more visible scars and even a necrosis around the scar’s skin. Therefore, if you smoke our suggestion is obviously to smoking some weeks before your operation.

Bring with your loose and comfortable clothes. Purchase the medication the doctor prescripts you (antibiotics, analgesics), so you wont’ have to worry about it after the surgery. Also bring your books, magazines or CD’s to make you feel amused and relax. Also get some baby towels; they are very useful for your intimate hygiene.


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