Thursday, August 10

What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure also known as vaginal rejuvenation aimed at giving back to vaginal muscles the tonicity lost for giving birth and the aging process.

What changes does vaginoplasty produce?
It tightens the vaginal muscles that have lost their tonicity due to births or the natural process of growing old. A much opened vagina may produce embarrassing situations fro many women for not allowing keeping inside the penis of their sexual partner.

Making the vagina narrow makes friction easier during penetration, and consequently, that increases sexual pleasure of the woman and her sexual partner during intercourse. It’s a valid first option alternative for those women who have not undergone any other treatment before, and also for those who have tried the Kegel exercises with good results. This procedure can be realized in women of any age.

How is a vaginoplasty surgery done?
This surgery takes 2 hours approximately. To make the vagina narrower the surgeon has to make two parallel incisions in a long way from the outside to within. If flaccidity is slight only is cut and removed a longitudinal stripe of mucous tissue and then saturated to get together the resulting borders. But if there is serious flaccidity is necessary to make a fold of the muscles exposed through the incisions made in the mucosa. This procedure is pretty much like the darts in a big piece of cloth. This way the vaginal muscles acquire more tension and contention capacity. This is an ambulatory process, so no stay at the hospital is required.
Results: A renewed vagina will let you experiment a more intense sexual pleasure and will make you will more self-confident about your body. And when keeping for more time the member of your sexual mate it will be more pleasing for him too. With vaginoplasty the sensations you used to have years ago and you thought you has lost forever will be back to you thank to this amazing surgery!


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