Saturday, November 3

Rosacea Surgery - Part II

To finish with rosacea surgery, we want to add the other two surgery options you have depending on your condition:


This rosacea surgery procedure cna be used to treat small blood vessels. a asmall electric "spark" is applied through an electrode-needle to coagulate the tiny vessles from their core. This procedure is fast and midly painful. It heals shoirtly and with good results.

This is sconvenient for persons that just have a few or very little blood vessels.


This rosacea surgery is used merely for treating bulbous noses, very severe cases of rocasea. It gives nose a more normal appearance. It consists of polishing the superior layers of the nose. During recovery, a brand new layer replaces the treated skin layer. This procedure only requires local anesthesia.

Most people heal within 1 to 32 weeks. If you undergo dermabrasion you have to use solar protector SPF 15 or superior to protect your new revitalized skin.


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