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Medical tourism in Colombia

Dentists and ophthalmologists are giving Colombia a good name nowadays, helping this way to change the international image of the country and appealing medical tourist from all over the world.

But besides ophthalmologic and dental treatments, Colombian surgeons are well-known in Latin America for their talent in breast and butt augmentations, liposuctions and other plastic surgery treatments.

Bogota, Medellin and Cali are the leading cities in offering this kind of services. Most foreigners come through medical tour agencies that offer them all-in packages, but doctors themselves promote their services through their bilingual websites.

Tip: If you choose Bogota as your medical tourism destination, since the city is at 8530 feet and if you are undergoing a major surgery, you have to take some days in advance to get used to heights, especially if you come from countries near the sea.

Beware of the “garage surgeries” or improvised medical centers that out with no medical accreditation. Though they offer very appealing low costs, they represent a high risk for patients.

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medicaltourismisthefuture said...

Thank you for bringing attention to this overlooked country. I especially appreciate the comment on the need for caution in choosing a provider. People turn to medical tourism to save money, but cost should not be the only factor. Safety is what's truly important.

I believe in transparency between the company and the patient and have tried to ensure that I communicate this to all patients I work with. I invite all who investigate medical tourism to demand the same.

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