Monday, February 9

Breast implants do not cause breast cancer

Women with breast implants do not have any more risk of developing breast cancer, indicates a new study held in Denmark (International Journal of Cancer) that helps debunk this long time myth. 

I remember hearing some friends were dubious about getting a boob job because they were afraid they might develop breast cancer in the long run. 

However, medical research shows us there is no higher risk of cancer because of implants. On the contrary, it seems that women with breast enhancement have a bit less risk than women with natural breast. Who would have guessed, huh?

Why women with boob implants have less cancer risk?

Most women that undergo breast augmentation surgery are usually thin and have children at a younger age, two key factors that decrease cancerous tumors.

Unexpectedly, women with operated breasts present a higher rate of lung cancer. This could be explained by a higher rate of smoking. 


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