Thursday, February 12

Artefill, the new Botox

Are Botox days finally coming to an end?

As we are already sued to, new technologies step to the plate everyday and it has been since doctors have been looking for a better and less side-effects solution than Botox injections.

The biggest side back of Botox is that it can not last forever, after a couple of months, wrinkles show up again and so you have to your doctor's office. Damn, that is so much time and money expensive.

Actually, Artefill, also knwon as Artecoll, is not really that new. It was developed in France in 1993, and unlike Botox, it can get rid of wrinkles forever. It is already being used in the States, Canada, Europe, Argentina and Mexico.

At first, Artefill was used as bone implants, dental surgery, contact lenses manufacturing, but form ten years ago it was discovered it could be used to eliminate facial wrinkles.

How come it is not popular at Botox?

The answer is that Artefill presents more risks than Botox treatment. Artefill injections are harder to apply, so there is more likely for failure that on the contrary of Botox, can be forever. That is why Botox is still the big shot and still growing in the cosmetic industry.


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